Chaka Y Jackson

Founder / Lead Instructor

Chaka Y. Jackson is a Minister, Entrepreneur, Break Free Coach, and Mentor. Chaka is also the CEO and Founder of CYJ Enterprises which provides coaching, consulting, and biblical counseling services for individuals, organizations, and companies. Obtaining an associate degree in theology and a bachelor’s degree in psychology with a main concentration in Christian counseling has allotted Chaka the ability to possess a distinct understanding of implementing strategies for personal and spiritual development. Chaka’s motto, “Get Real in Order to Heal” is the foundation for which she empowers individuals to remove the masks that prevent them from having a life of freedom, healing, wholeness, and identity. Through the use of her Break Free Institute, radio broadcast, inner healing coaching, mentorship, Bible studies, and conferences, Chaka has kept her vow in helping others to overcome the obstacles that prevent them from living a joyous, vibrant, whole, and purpose-driven life. She has indeed become a powerful vessel of restoration and transformation for many!
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